April Fools, Continued
First dog watch, 2 bells (5:21 pm)

After the bowling incident, I sent out an email about having a tournament at lunchtime. I even posted sign-up sheets for it on the bulletin board.

Just after noon, I sent out another email:

Just in case anyone else has yet to figure it out, the bowling tournament was an April Fool's joke. Please stop coming by to ask about and/or comment about how dangerous it would be. It was just a joke.

It was another joke—nobody thought it was real in the first place, but now half of the office thought some of their coworkers were dumb enough to fall for it. That was the funniest part. I laughed about this all day when people came up and whispered So who didn't get the joke??.

You, buddy. You didn't get it. 🙂

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