Finally! A Use!
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First watch, 3 bells (9:47 pm)

I have finally got a project that can use a std::deque. Up to this point, I have never bothered with them. I was just looking around for a vector-like object in the STL that has fast pop/push on the front and back of the array, and I didn't want to use a linked-list. I give you: std::deque!

For the MUD I've been writing, I plan on having a set of "overlay" maps, ASCII text files the same size as the main map that show changing states such as weather, sunlight, etc. An overlay with a sine wave line through it can represent the border between day and night (as well as dusk, dawn, and other relative values). By shifting this map progressively in one direction, you can simulate the rotation of the planet. The cool thing is by using a sine wave you can leave very high and very low latitudes with full-time daylight or night!

The problem becomes more complicated with weather such as clouds, rain, etc., because you don't want to shift everything across the entire world in the same direction. Well, you could, but it's cheesy. Anyway, I'm excited about coming up with an actual reason to use a std::deque.

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DNS Hijack
Last dog watch, 8 bells (8:17 pm)

Today we had a virus in the office that was pretending to be a DHCP server and replacing client computer DNS servers with its own evil, smelly ones. It was quick to spot when I was told our internal wiki stopped working. The wiki used some special DNS tricks to make it work inside the office, but only if you were using the main office's DNS servers, so when the virus started hijacking peoples' connections, it was noticed quickly.

It was much harder to track down, though. I really like wireshark (Sniffing the glue that holds the Internet together, hehe), and it is invaluable when trying to find something like this. It took some time to track down, but we eventually found the problem and laid the smack down on the employee that goofed up.

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Is This Ironic?
Posted in Random Thoughts
Afternoon watch, 3 bells (1:31 pm)

I burned the roof of my mouth on a frozen burrito.

Back in the Saddle
Posted in General
First dog watch, 4 bells (6:01 pm)

I didn't intend to work over nine hours today, but it just happened. Being out of the office for several days really makes a backlog of stuff for me to catch up on, and I try not to do it very often, but this cold has really kicked my pigu.

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Get Well Soon
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Afternoon watch, 1 bell (12:50 pm)

Here I am being miserable at home and sick and my friend Ellie is much worse off. I hope you recover quickly and feel better soon.

And as far as the emergency room goes, my father cut off his thumb on a table saw about a year ago and sat in the emergency room bleeding for an hour and a half before the doctor saw him. Unbelievable.

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Watch This
Afternoon watch, 1 bell (12:44 pm)

Now this is how to play golf.

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How Many Doses?
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First watch, 1 bell (8:50 pm)

I think you're supposed to get more than 5 doses out of a bottle of NyQuil. But I don't really use the little cup that comes with it. I probably should, but I get such a nice restful sleep this way…

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Worst Cold Ever
Forenoon watch, 8 bells (12:11 pm)

I have been down with what must likely be the worst cold I've ever had. It's been an absolutely miserable experience since Wednesday. I drove to the store yesterday to pick up some juice and a few other things and the short trip almost killed me my chest hurt so much. The coughing has been excruciating, my chest and back are sore to the touch from it.

Thankfully Lorien didn't get it as bad as I did—perhaps her just having a cold recently protected her somewhat, I don't know, but she's had a much better time of it than I have.

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A Symbol of Hope
First watch, 2 bells (9:29 pm)

I just ran across Batman Number One, a short skit starring Eric Trueheart. Go watch it, it's funny.

Rescued By Linux..Again
Posted in Tech
Afternoon watch, 6 bells (3:04 pm)

I was able to save some files from a laptop that was going south today by running OpenSuSE Live 11.1 and mounting the hard drive then copying the files to a USB drive. Windows repair had already failed fixing the problem, the system just would not boot.

The next, final resort would have been removing the hard drive and connecting it to another computer, but thankfully SuSE saved me and I was able to copy everything off without a hitch.

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Conversations With Sam
First watch, 1 bell (8:58 pm)

Sam is my younger brother, he used to live with me back in my wild bachelor days. I miss having him around to talk to. Here's our text conversation from today:

Sam: Holy crap. Happy birthday man!
Me: Thanks bro! I'm getting up there in years now
Sam: Yeah I hear that man. Not gettin younger or prettier
Me: Hey now. I'm far too pretty for my own good. Woody said he only married Jodie to be closer to me.
Sam: That's true you are one pretty man. He told me the same thing! Homewrecker!
Me: That slut!
Sam: I'm gonna have some words with that man whore
Me: You tell him girlfriend
Sam: Oh no he di-int
Me: Well I don't blame him too much. I am so very very pretty
Sam: Well he wanted to come see Watchmen tonight but now I think I'm just gonna slap his bald head
Me: Slap him in the back of the head, it's way funnier looking
Sam: Nice
Me: I'm so gonna blog this conversation
Sam: I'm thinking about a once or twice daily blog that tracks my bowel movements. I think I might impress someone out there
Me: OMFG I almost started a poop blog about a year ago. Anonymously, that is. No sense collecting weird fans.
Sam: Yeah I have a buddy that used to send me his best poops, he was really impressive too. Yeah, might be strange if someone recognized me when I'm at lucnh with mom. I used to have an employee who was a male stripper who got recognized all the time when he was out with his parents
Me: Did he take cell phone pics or something? I'm afraid of dropping my phone in the tank. I couldn't pick it up again. I'd just have to let it go
Sam: Yeah always with the phone. Once he made a video of it hitting the water. It was more ballsack than I ever wanted to see
Me: I don't even want to know how he got any light down there
Sam: Yeah he told me he used to stand up before he wiped so there was no TP in the photo too. I don't think I could do that
Me: Nasty man, real nasty. You sure this guy was a friend?
Sam: Co worker. One time I caught him dancing with his pants down in the office in front of security cameras to Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean." Strange kid
Me: Perhaps he needed stripper practice, or had an exhibition "streak." Probably wasn't held enough as a baby or something
Sam: More likely his parents didn't beat him enough
Me: Have you seen
Sam: Yeah man I love that
Me: That dancing thing is what comes from guys watching shows like sex and the city you know
Sam: Yeah now that I think about it he was really flamboyant
Me: His mom probalby dressed him like a girl when he was younger
Sam: Yeah man. Pink Ties. It's really a sin
Me: He prolly never even got his man card, so he can't turn it in anyway
Sam: Nice
Me: I don't think they issue them to pink tie wearing bedwetters that get down to Michael Jackson
Sam: Yeah man he's gonna have to eat a whole deep fried turducken injected with jalapeno barbecue sauce to get back on track

NTP vs Stupid
Forenoon watch, 2 bells (9:11 am)

I had my laptop running Linux overnight, and it synchronizes with NTP services to keep accurate time. It handled the Daylight Savings Time change perfectly. I rebooted in to Windows this morning and it added another hour to the clock because it didn't get to yet. Stupid Windows.

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Three Dozen
Posted in Warm and Fuzzy
Morning watch, 7 bells (7:54 am)

Today is my three dozenth birthday. Insert lots of jolly, cheery phrases here. Last night we went to Red Robin with my dad and stepmom (I had a blackened chicken caesar salad, it was tasty!). Tonight we're going to have make-it-yourself pitas, and tomorrow we just may slip out to Brix for another Kobe Beef hamburger. Mmmm, hamburger.

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Dr. Horrible Wasn’t
Posted in Reviews
First watch, 1 bell (8:52 pm)

I just finished watching Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (it was under $11 at Amazon). Nathan Fillion is awesome. There were several extremely funny parts. The end is slightly reminiscent of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, though.

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Double It! Double It Again!!
Posted in Strangeness
Last dog watch, 3 bells (7:41 pm)

Did anyone else think about today being 03-06-09? Well, I suppose not everyone. I tend towards the very non-American way of writing days as YYYY-MM-DD or DD MM YYYY, which is much less interesting, but I digress…most hideously.

Meh, it's not really a second double. More like double, then square. Still, it was interesting. Bah, it sounded better in my head.

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