Freakishly Large
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Last dog watch, 8 bells (8:03 pm)

We have some friends that raise chickens. They have eight chickens. Apparently these chickens lay up to 20 eggs each day. Some of these eggs are freakishly large, too.

Check this out:

huge eggs

And my hand is not small. These eggs are tough, too. I mean really hard to crack. Apparently they feed them oyster shell, the chickens eat it up, and their eggs are solid.

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Blood of the Vampires
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First dog watch, 4 bells (6:17 pm)

Yesterday I got Blood of the Vampires in the mail from Cinematic Titanic. The included card? It was signed by J. Elvis. I'll be reviewing it soon, if I can get over my Boom Blox addiction.

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It’s Not New, but It’s Funny
First dog watch, 1 bell (4:58 pm)

This test has been around a while, but I find it hilarious every time I run across it, so I'm linking to it.

Warning: Velociraptors ahead!

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Like a Shotgun Blast
Posted in Creepiness
First dog watch, 1 bell (4:48 pm)

If you're easily grossed out, you should skip this post…you have been warned.

I had a bathroom gross-out moment earlier today. Somehow, someone pooped on the back rim of the toilet. I don't know how they got it there with the seat down unless it came out like shotgun shot. I mean seriously, how do you do that?? I had to go use the other bathroom. Nasty.

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Funny But Kind Of Sad
Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:59 am)

This is only funny because it's true.

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I Didn’t Mean To
Posted in Hobbies
Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:48 am)

…stay up late playing Boom Blox on the Wii, but it happened anyway. That game is fun!

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