DNS Hijack
Last dog watch, 8 bells (8:17 pm)

Today we had a virus in the office that was pretending to be a DHCP server and replacing client computer DNS servers with its own evil, smelly ones. It was quick to spot when I was told our internal wiki stopped working. The wiki used some special DNS tricks to make it work inside the office, but only if you were using the main office's DNS servers, so when the virus started hijacking peoples' connections, it was noticed quickly.

It was much harder to track down, though. I really like wireshark (Sniffing the glue that holds the Internet together, hehe), and it is invaluable when trying to find something like this. It took some time to track down, but we eventually found the problem and laid the smack down on the employee that goofed up.

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Is This Ironic?
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Afternoon watch, 3 bells (1:31 pm)

I burned the roof of my mouth on a frozen burrito.