Chocolate Tortillas!
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First dog watch, 3 bells (5:54 pm)

Lorien and I went out to lunch the other day at the Hot Rod Cafe. They have a dessert that is a giant chocolate taco with ice cream and whipping cream surrounded by giant brownies with macadamia nuts. I'm not a huge macadamia nut fan, but how could you say no to a chocolate taco??

Upon returning home, I immediately looked up a recipe on the 'Net and found the following:

Chocolate Tortillas

Mix all ingredients, chill. Cook a thin layer of batter over medium high heat 2 minutes or so, until edges are dry. Turn over and cook about 2 more minutes.

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Forenoon watch, 1 bell (8:31 am)

I'm still out of commission today, my back is feeling better but just not quite enough to let me sit in a chair for several hours. Since I have over a month of vacation time, I may as well use it.

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