False Accusations
Forenoon watch, 7 bells (11:49 am)

I just received an email from a "consultant" (which probably means he works for our competitors) hurling accusations at the company I work for about us allegedly cyber-squatting a domain that is a derivative of one of our competitors (probably the one he works for), and saying that we are "mean-spirited and unethical."

Unfortunately, he "forgot" to check his facts—the domain in question isn't registered to us at all. We don't have any control over it. He sent paragraphs of drivel about how evil we were and how he wouldn't recommend us anymore in his "articles."

He stated he was a long-time user (duh, we sent him NFR copies from version 8 to version 10 of our software), but he never paid for the software anyway. He calls on us to issue a "public apology" to our competition and return the domain to them.

What a retard. He'd have saved a lot of embarrassment if he'd checked his facts first!

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