Qt and OpenGL
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First watch, 3 bells (9:49 pm)

About a year ago, I started poking around with OpenGL, and began to write a program to display majiang tiles.

Well, with all the Qt I've been writing lately, I thought I'd move it into their API. I have to admit, Qt makes it easy to incorporate OpenGL into your program. Texture loading was really easy, once I realized I forgot to add a call to glEnable(GL_TEXTURE_2D);.

Anyway, tonight I gimped up a quick image to map on to the cube. Here is the result:

OpenGL majiang tile

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More Bad News
First dog watch, 4 bells (6:11 pm)

This morning I got a call about my car: the power steering pump came in, but when they pulled the old one they found that my water pump was bad, too. So now I'm replacing the power steering pump, thermostat, water pump, and the timing belt. At this point I'm wondering if anything else can go wrong. On a side note, I received my car title in the mail today.

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