Bride of the Monster
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Forenoon watch, 2 bells (9:02 am)

Last night I watched Bride of the Monster, an old Ed Wood film. I haven't watched much of his stuff, but I've heard about it. And this one lived up to what I'd heard. This was the cheesiest horror movie I've ever seen, and the sad part was it wasn't trying to be cheesy (e.g. Bruce Campbell vs. the Army of Darkness).

This movie was about a monster in Swamp Lake, and a crazy scientist that bought an old home near the lake. Many locals disappear and are secretly used in the scientist's (played by Bela Lugosi) nefarious experiments. Playing next to Lugosi is Tor Johnson as Lobo, the quintessential big dumb guy. The scientist is trying to create a race of atomic supermen, but when a newpaper reporter disappears her cop-boyfriend comes to the rescue. In the end, the scientist succeeds—on himself—when Lobo grows a heart and puts him on the experiment table instead of the woman (who turned up in a wedding dress, hence the "Bride" thing).

I give this movie one big empty seat for Lobo.

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