The Problem With Abbreviations
Last dog watch, 8 bells (8:03 pm)

On my way home after leaving work today I saw a license plate with the following letters: APTBRKR. Does that stand for Apartment Broker, or Appointment Breaker? Maybe both? Given that you can only have seven letters on your plate, isn't this plausible?

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Best Thing Since Sliced…Apples?
Last dog watch, 1 bell (6:50 pm)

Loyal readers may know I recently acquired an iPhone. This has been the source of mixed feelings for me, it's the first Apple product I've ever owned, and I have to be completely honest, it's not the best experience of my life. I've had browser issues, my boss had a total iPhone failure, and now I just had to reboot my phone because it automatically hung up on every incoming phone call .

Sorry Apple fanboys, this is not the nest phone I've ever used. It's got a lot going for it, don't get me wrong, it's just not any better than anyone else's product.

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Can It Get More Busy?
Posted in General
Last dog watch, 1 bell (6:46 pm)

After working the previous eight days straight, I'm beginning to wonder if I can get any busier. Last Monday I was trying to test and debug a brand new, complex code project that took up hours and hours of my time, even outside of the office. I've worked very hard to make sure things came together with as few problems as possible, and like to think that that reflects well on my work ethic and personal dedication to the project.

Unfortunately, before I even felt done with that, I was given the task of upgrading our company's customer database (over 16Gb) to a new server. Fortunately, most of the work was done by the software's upgrade process. I spent most of the day Friday getting that to work. As soon as it finished, I had to start cleaning up problems that developed because of the upgrade. Automated scripts, custom reports, and customized features on the UI (user interface) all had to be checked, and most of them were broken. I spent the evening Friday, a large amount of time on Saturday, and much less on Sunday though still not an insignificant amount, working to make sure things would run pretty smooth today.

I'm ahead of where I should be, given the fact that I've only worked on this upgrade project for two "work days," but it's still largely unfinished. Now I'm getting hit with more projects that are mission critical that need attention and I have none left to give. I am completely overwhelmed and nearly burned out. I shall cherish every minute not spent at work this evening. It's the first one I've had in several days where I don't have to worry about a big problem first thing in the morning.

All in all, I really need to get some more balance, work has really tipped the scales in a big way lately. The biggest problem is there aren't any other people that know as much as I do about these processes and can take up some of the load.

I had to explain earlier to a guy that blamed a problem on the fact that nobody else had a login to a server that a login wasn't the problem—the real problem is nobody knows UNIX enough to be able to use a login to fix a problem or make a safe configuration change. This upset me a bit, because the way he said it made it sound like I horde the logins and don't want other people to have access to the server. The problem is nobody can demonstrate even basic UNIX knowledge to convince me that they won't completely screw up a server if they had a login…

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Happy Birthday, Amanda!
Posted in Warm and Fuzzy
Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:53 am)

I forgot to post yesterday so I'm backdating this. Man this is getting to be a habit…

Happy Birthday, Amanda!

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