Monster A Go-Go
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Morning watch, 6 bells (7:23 am)

Last night I watched Monster A Go-Go, a truly horrible movie from 1965. Fortunately, I had Joel and the 'bots to help me get through it. This movie was about an astronaut that returns to Earth in a capsule, but he seems to have been irradiated so that he has grown to twice his height and he emits radiation that desiccates people when they come near him. The government hunts him down, and finally corners him in a sewer when he suddenly disappears "like a cosmic switch has been thrown off." He is later discovered to be in an ocean 8000 miles away, floating in a life raft. So who was the tall guy with the radiation? It would be scary, if I cared. The dialog was almost as poor as the sound, but the narration was worse still.

I give this movie two hundred empty seats, for each cc of antidote injected into the "alien" that seemed to fix him, but wait, it wasn't him. But I still don't care…

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