Manhunt in Space
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First watch, 6 bells (11:08 pm)

I just finished Manhunt in Space, a terrifically terrible 50's space movie. Specifically, I don't know what the "manhunt" part is about! Aside from a group of "space pirates" hiding on an unknown planet, there isn't much of a manhunt going on. Basically, the pirates are raiding cargo ships and leaving them derelict, so a ship is sent out to find out what's going on. The special effects may have been good in the 1950s, but I doubt it. The airlock handle clearly doesn't turn when they "open" the door, they just move their hands around it.

Anyway, the good guys come up with "cold light", the opposite of a mirage on a hot day, which causes items it surrounds (like a space ship) to disappear from the visible light spectrum. The pirates want this technology, but are thwarted despite having an inside man.

I give this movie twelve empty seats—one for each year it will take me to forget this movie.

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No RenFair
Afternoon watch, 2 bells (1:07 pm)

Lorien left for Houston this morning. She'll be down there until Monday night. She was going to hit some RenFair down there, but apparently that's canceled now. I was hoping she'd get to go (so was she—it was one of the main reasons she wanted to go in the first place), I wanted her to get me a picture of a wench on a cell phone to go with my ninja on a cell phone and pirate on a cell phone pictures.

Anachronism. Ha!

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