The Magic Sword
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First watch, 6 bells (11:19 pm)

I just finished watching The Magic Sword, starring Basil Rathbone in what I'm sure must have been one of his more embarassing movies.

Anyway, it's about an orphan prince raised by an immortal witch foster-mother who falls in love with a princess because he's been using a magic pond to spy on her while she bathed. A wizard kidnaps her, and the king promises her rescuer her hand in marriage and half his kingdom. The young hero tricks his foster mother and seals her in a trap while he steals his birthday presents (a magic horse, a magic sword and armor, and six magic knights) she prepared for his 21st birthday. He uses these items to help pass the six curses protecting the wizard's castle from intruders, but on threat from the wizard, his foster mother dispels the magic from his presents. When he arrives he is caught in a trap, but escapes with the help of miniature people that have no other part in the plot, then he attempts to face a large, two-headed fire-breathing dragon, but its tentacle slaps his horse over and it leaves. Just as he's about to succumb to the dragon's tentacle, his foster mother returns the magic to his sword, he walks up to the dragon and stabs it once, it dies, he rescues the princess, and lives happily ever after. Even his six knights are brought back from the dead for the wedding ceremony.

I give this movie four empty seats, to represent the two two-headed monsters in the movie, plus a bonus, fifth empty seat for co-starring a chimpanzee. Monkeys FTW!


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  1. BenY says:

    I used to really like the non MST version of this movie, I'm embarrassed to admit. (I like the MST version now.) Lisa and I would sometimes quote "My ring! No My ring now." at each other when snatching something, like the witch says near the end.

  2. Scurvy Jake says:

    Hehe. I've never seen the un-MST'd edition! How is Lisa, by the way?

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