O’Shay’s Pub
First watch, 4 bells (10:18 pm)

Lorien and I went downtown to O'Shay's Pub (on Coeur d'Alene Lake Drive, just past Sherman Ave) tonight to hear my friend John play some Irish music and have a bite to eat.

They were really busy at 7pm, when the tunes started up, and it took quite a while for our dinner to get to us, but it was extremely good. I was going to have the Shepherd's pie (John recommended it a long time ago), but they said they didn't have the gravy they usually serve with it tonight. Figuring I'd miss out on the entire experience, I went for the fish and chips instead. They were excellent, and the tables have bottles of malt vinegar on them—a requirement for real fish and chips if you ask me.

Anyway, they have a lot of live music there, and John plays Friday nights more often than not, alternating Bluegrass and Irish music. I highly recommend a stop there, but make sure you have plenty of time, if they're busy it may take an hour.

Did I mention they have the most gigantic-est bread pudding you'll ever lay eyes on?

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Double Ten
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First watch, 4 bells (10:13 pm)

Happy Double Ten Day, Taiwan!

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First Purchase
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Forenoon watch, 2 bells (9:26 am)

I made my first purchase on eBay the other day. I've been a member for almost five years, but never bought anything myself.

What did I get? A used Thermolyne Type 1900 hot plate, like they use in laboratories. Why? You'll see, soon.

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