Freeway Trails
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First dog watch, 1 bell (4:45 pm)

Last night's photography session was an eye-opener. I haven't taken a lot of low-light pictures with a digital camera, and I learned a few things about how mine behaves. The best picture I got was of the nearby freeway:

freeway trails

I have a picture with trees and a bunch of stars, and another long exposure (10+ minutes) with star trails, but there's so much digital noise from the CCD that they're not really very good to look at, nor are they fixable via software—at least not in any reasonable amount of time.

imgp2904 small version
imgp2914 small version

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  1. Kyndall says:

    the first one turned out really neat, it's a bummer the rest didn't turn out how you liked 🙁

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