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Afternoon watch, 4 bells (2:22 pm)

I posted this picture via my iPhone. It's of my desktop at work. I love my monitors. I think I may use this feature once in a while, but I don't like the way it posts the information to my blog, so I still end up editing it, but it works well enough. It didn't post immediately, but it wasn't too delayed, either.

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Uncomfortably Numb
Afternoon watch, 3 bells (1:41 pm)

My jaw has been numb since 9am. Yesterday I had my semi-annual dental checkup and cleaning. I had lost the top of a filling last week or so, and it had to be repaired. I have a new dentist, since my old one retired. I'm now older than my dentist.

That aside, my new dentist is a nice guy. He uses a new anesthetic to which I found I'm as equally resistant as the old stuff. Unfortunately, the way to find that out is to get a shot of it, then have the dentist start drilling. He instantly hit a live nerve. So he gave me a second shot and a few minutes for that to take effect. Then hit the nerve again. I got a full third injection after that and about ten minutes later was completely numb. I am just now starting to get some feeling back on the right side of my face.

The sad part is he had to drill for literally five seconds, just enough to clean up the edge of where the partial filling fell out. The whole thing cost me $20 after my insurance cut in. It really was almost no work! Such a high price to pay in numbness though.

I missed out on a nice free lunch too because I didn't want to bite my tongue off or take a chunk out of my cheek.