It Looked Integrated Anyway
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Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:34 am)

Last night my wife's cousin came over with her new computer. It just arrived yesterday, but the wireless functionality was missing (it's a desktop, HP Pavilion s3500z). I took a look at the Device Manager but it only showed the wired NIC. I then thought perhaps it was disabled in BIOS (the antenna comes out of the back where the motherboard is, it's not a PCI card or anything). The BIOS was the most sparse I think I've seen in ten years. There were hardly any settings available to change, and nothing about the wireless adapter.

Turns out it's a USB device, and it's screwed in to the back plate where the other motherboard connectors are for PS/2, video, LAN, etc. The device was either never connected, or had come loose during shipping, because it wasn't plugged in. After getting their support on the phone to try to track it down, we finally figured it out. The guy said I have the record for taking one of their cases apart. I told him I've done it a few times before. Probably before he was even in High School (I didn't tell him that part).

Anyway, once I popped out the optical drive (the internal USB connection was obscured by the drive), got the device plugged in good, put everything back together, things were shiny.

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