Book Pictures!
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Forenoon watch, 4 bells (10:22 am)

As promised, here are some pictures of the books I've been working on lately.

three books
journal standing
journal open
Treasure Island
Treasure Island open

Some notes about these books:

I recently found some screw presses on Rockler and will use them to make my own book press, laying press, and plough.


2 Responses to “Book Pictures!”

  1. BenY says:

    Those look great. Will you put the title on the front?

  2. Webmonster says:

    Yes, actually. These are my practice books. My tools were ordered last month and should be here in another week or two (see here for scant details).

    Once I get them, I can get started with the tooling. I do plan on tooling more than just the titles, but haven't got any designs worked out yet.

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