I Would Use These
Morning watch, 3 bells (5:53 am)

I Park Like an Idiot.com stickers.

Don't stick "I Park Like An Idiot" Bumper Stickers on other cars like these people did!

But they do encourage you to send in pictures.

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21 Hours of Work
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Morning watch, 2 bells (5:08 am)

I just hit 21 consecutive hours working. The sad thing is this is not a record for me. I'm really starting to feel like crap, though.

The RAID repair is running well and it almost 60% now with no problems.

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Posted in Tech
Middle watch, 4 bells (2:10 am)

Well, the RAID repair utility backed up to 50% and got stuck in some kind of loop. It didn't advance for over an hour. I took a wild guess and figured the drive is bad. I put in my spare (I have a spare for every server hard drive) and just restarted the repair process. Man I'm tired.

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Text Formatting
Posted in Code
Middle watch, 1 bell (12:49 am)

I just remembered to make a note of the way I'm converting text from the Gutenberg Project to a usable format. When I get a book in ANSI text format, it has been formatted to a certain width, delimited with newlines. To properly format this in a modern word processor, you need to remove a single instance of a newline, and replace a double newline with a single one. It's quite simple to do with the right tools:
tr '\n' '+' < original.file > out.file
cat out.file | sed 's/++/\n/g; s/+/ /g' > final.file

This quite nicely reformats the plain text into single-line paragraphs. I use the + character because it doesn't normally appear in this type of text. YMMV; you may want to pick a different one.

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Almost There
Posted in Tech
Middle watch, 1 bell (12:43 am)

The repair on the RAID mirror is about 65% done. It's getting to be a long night.

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