Classics Rebound
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Forenoon watch, 2 bells (9:06 am)

I've been thinking about using some of my newly acquired skills to create my own line of classic books. This past weekend I spent my time making smoothies in my new blender (it's awesome!) and typesetting Dracula and Treasure Island. Since they're both in the public domain in the US, there are no copyright issues.

I'll keep you posted on how things are going.


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  1. BenY says:

    You're going to print them from scratch?

  2. Webmonster says:

    Exactly. I've already done some test prints and am getting great results in a ready-to-bind format. I print four pages on one 8.5x11" letter, landscape. When I fold it in half and collate with four more pages, I get a signature of 16 book pages ready to stitch.

    My only problem is finding the right paper. Because of paper grain direction, I need 11x17" cut in half to two 8.5x11" pages, but the only 11x17" paper I find around here is the cheap office stuff, and I will only use quality, acid-free paper, preferable in cream or pearl and not stark-white. I may have to order it online.

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