Crawley, UK
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Morning watch, 8 bells (8:03 am)

Today we stayed in Crawley, where our hotel is. We had a nice sleep-in this morning and a lazy day walking around Crawley. First we visited ASDA, the UK's version of a Wal-Mart. In fact, I think they may be owned by Wal-Mart. We bought some snacks and food, some kinder eggs, and I even found a six-pack of root beer! We also bought a couple of small plastic storage containers to protect the kinder eggs. Hopefully we'll get them home in one piece.

Once again, the Gatwick George Hotel isn't the worst hotel I've stayed in. It certainly has some colorful history: they used to hang people outside it. The gallows are still there! A pub just down the street claims it is haunted by two ghosts—I think we're going to eat dinner there. The hotel, though, is old. There are lots of weird hallways that go up or down a couple of steps, and hallways are frequently interrupted by doors. There is no air conditioning, which is a very big downer in the hot summertime. Our window only opens up a little bit, so it's difficult to get some cool air in the room. Thankfully, though, this room doesn't smell like smoke, although there is an ashtray on the table.

Anyway, back to our walkabout. After dropping stuff off at our room, we went back out to find a post office and check the train times to Gatwick airport for our flight to Edinburgh early tomorrow. It looks like the first train leaves around 5:40 am, which is unfortunately too late for us and we'll be taking a taxi. The Indian guy at the desk (it seems they're all Indian here) said it will take about 15 minutes by taxi to get to Gatwick and should cost around £12.

We stopped at a Wimpy Burger for the novelty of it. I had a barbecue burger that was very good. The chips came with malt vinegar, too. I love the UK.

We picked up our stamps once we found our way to the post office, which was open all day today (Saturday), unlike our post offices back home. From there, we walked through a Games store that only sold Warhammer 40k miniatures. We chatted with the guys there in the shop, they were pretty cool. We were, quite probably, their first American customers ever. Except we didn't buy anything. We also walked through a Woolworth's, where Lorien bought a 3CD set of music and I got four Doctor Who books, two of them at half price. We also went in to another bookstore, where an older man was, for lack of better word, peddling his books. He is an author and was signing copies, but nobody bought any while we were there. Lorien got both of his books autographed, as he's a children's author and she loves that type of book.

After returning to our room again and dropping stuff off, we went back out, scheduled a taxi for 4:30 and a wake-up call for 4:15, then went out to find a geocache nearby. It wasn't very far from the George, although it was a microcache in a film canister. I left an Idaho potato key chain in a plastic bag underneath the container for the next finder.

Now we're back in our room and it's time to repack our stuff before the early flight out in the morning.

Here are a couple of pictures from our day. I am hoping someone can explain the open 24 hours sign to me, I'm terribly confused by it. Also, I found the American Hot Dogs amusing—I've never seen pickled hot dogs before. Also included is a picture of Lorien with David Alric, the author we met today.

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