London Take Two
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Afternoon watch, 4 bells (2:21 pm)

Today we ended our cruise in the same place we started—Dover. We awoke to the sights of the white cliffs out our window, and had to say goodbye. After a quick breakfast and a last run-through of the room, we disembarked into the cacophony that was the Dover docks. People were everywhere digging through luggage and it was slow going out to the buses. We finally got out and to our bus, and to our great delight, Joe, who drove the bus to Leeds and Dover at the beginning of our trip was our driver once again.

First off, we had a long drive back to old London town, which was fairly uneventful. We got off the bus at Greenwich, where we boarded another boat, this time for a cruise down the Thames. It was really hot out at first, but as we approached London, somehow the sun wasn't shining so hotly and it was much more tolerable. Lorien and I both agree that every time we come to London, we always have perfect weather. It has yet to rain on us in London. We cruised from Greenwich all the way to the London Eye. Can you guess what we did next? Yes! It was the London Eye! We also got to hear Big Ben chime off at noon.

From there, we had lunch at the Rembrandt Hotel, it was very good. After that we were off on a bus tour of the town, where we saw lots of the sights you want to see on a trip to London. Fortunately, Lorien and I have already seen them and have pictures of them, so it wasn't as exciting as the first time. In fact, while considering what to do with our second day here tomorrow, we may just stay in the Crawley area (we're staying at the George Hotel in Crawley again, our room is better this time).

We also stopped at the London Temple, which was on the way from London to Crawley, at least on a way anyway, I didn't see a map, but it was fairly close to Crawley. The traffic coming out of London was pretty crazy, and it had been a long day for Joe the driver, and he was pushing it a bit. I told my wife if I ever wanted to do something illegal in London, I would hire Joe as my wheel man. She told him as we were getting off the bus at the hotel. I think he took it as the compliment it was intended as.

London Bridge

Big Ben

The London Eye

The Parliament Building

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