Sea Days
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First watch, 8 bells (12:27 am)

There hasn't been a lot to post because I've spent the last two days at sea. However, I have made several important observations.

First, given an average distribution of people gathered around a karaoke bar, one of them will sing Friends in Low Places. It's some kind of universal law or something. Drives me crazy. I heard it twice yesterday in two different places.

Second, there is some gene present in Asian people, mainly Vietnamese, that prevents them from waiting in line. By the way, have I told you how much I hate hearing the Vietnamese language? It's so nasal and ugly sounding. Give me Mandarin any day—or even Cantonese. Just not Vietnamese.

Third, you will never meet more rude old people than on a cruise ship. It's like they feel they're entitled to everything they see without care for anyone else. Old Vietnamese people are even worse.

Well, I should end this rant, it's not really going anywhere. I'm currently sliding through the locks on the way in to Amsterdam. This is the last full day of our cruise, and it's gone by all too fast. We still have several days before returning home, but the nice easy days of floating on the ocean are nearing an end. I shall endeavor to take some great pictures of Amsterdam and post them sometime tonight or tomorrow, whenever I can get to it.

Tomorrow we return to London for two more days, then two days in and around Edinburgh.

Here is a picture of us on approach to Amsterdam and the morning sunrise.

Lighthouse on approach to Amsterdam

Sailboat at sunrise outside Amsterdam

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