Helsinki, Finland
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Afternoon watch, 2 bells (1:04 pm)

We saw Helsinki yesterday, it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Our tour guide had the most wonderful way of rolling her Rs, she did it with everything. The weather was gorgeous despite a cool forecast. Everyone was very friendly and spoke excellent English.

We got to the open air market a little early, and the ice cream kiosks weren't open yet. Apparently, because of the late evening sunlight (or White Night) in Helsinki (it's at 60° North Latitude!), people stay out late and sleep in. I can't argue much with that, I'd do it too if I could. We had some very tasty licorice, the real black stuff, not the red American licorice.

We saw many beautiful statues and fountains, Helsinki is quaint and I think would be a wonderful place to live. Since most of our tour group belongs to the LDS faith, we also saw the new Helsinki Temple.

When we returned downtown, we were going to see a free organ recital at a church, but it ended up not being available for us to see, so we spent our time in the square watching a marching band, taking pictures, and giving money to one of those statue guys that stands really still until you drop some money in his/her hat, then they do something cool. I would much rather give money to someone this way than as a beggar homeless on the streets. At least this is honest. Anyway, the guy was all green, he looked really cool. I dropped our coins into his had, a little over €2.50, he turned, smiled, and then tore off a piece of his costume, which turned out to be paper mache! Lorien has this piece in her journal.

We bought some extra licorice and some chocolate to bring home. Here is a picture of a monument to a Finnish composer and Lorien posing at a souvenir shop. Finnish souvenirs?? Heck, we haven't even started!

Finnish Composer monument

Helsinki Souvenir shop