Copenhagen, Denmark
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Afternoon watch, 2 bells (1:23 pm)

I'm beat, and have a lot of things to do before I hit the sack tonight and get up early for tomorrow, so I'll have to keep this as brief as possible.

Yesterday we had a day at sea as we sailed to Denmark, so there wasn't anything to blog about other than the day before, which I wrote about in the morning.

We hit the ground running in Copenhagen at 7:30am, where we immediately saw the statue of the Little Mermaid, which is somehow an iconic symbol of Copenhagen now. It was recently beheaded and has been painted every color. It was fully together, though, and you couldn't tell it had been defaced or even painted.

From there we did a driving and walking tour of Copenhagen with a great tour guide named Gordon Bayless. He even got us a good driver. Man that guy could drive a bus! He could parallel park that behemoth on a dime. It was something else.

Back to the tour, though. The weather looked chilly and rainy when we walked out on the deck, but as soon as we got out into town, it was warm and often a little too sunny. We saw their fancy library, numerous statues (it is Europe, after all), and a castle that looked more like a manor house to me. Castles need to have crenellated walls and towers to be called castles in my book. In any case, it also housed the crown jewels, which are always a sight to behold in any nation which has a collection called "the crown jewels." They had an amethyst nearly as big as my clenched fist.

We got back to the port, bought ten postcards and stamps, then proceeded to write them and send them off to our friends and family back home.

Standing on the Lido deck of the ship, looking back down to the harbor, we spied another mermaid statue which I will call The Big Mermaid and leave it to you to determine why.

The Little Mermaid:

The Little Mermaid

The Big Mermaid:

The Big Mermaid

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