Frisbie Benefet
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First watch, 4 bells (10:28 pm)

I have nothing to say about this post.

Except that it's a shame Sharpies don't have a built-in spellchecker.

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First watch, 4 bells (10:24 pm)

Lately I've been seeing a lot of motorcycles on the roads. With the rising price of gasoline, it's not terribly surprising. My wife and I are leaving for the U.K. on Friday and are preparing ourselves for the even higher price we'll pay there with our rental car.

That said, this is something I just can't understand:

Hastings is a book, CD, and DVD rental/sale store. The bag hanging off the handlebars is from there. With the riders' recent purchase, no doubt. Now I'm all for believing in the general kindness of mankind, but trusting the general public not to walk away with your new movie is just a bit too much for me.

Surprisingly, this is not the craziest part of the picture. What you can't see is where it's parked—at Costco, a warehouse food and goods store. What possible item you can purchase there and still be able to take home on a motorcycle I cannot ken.

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Holiday Weekend
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First dog watch, 1 bell (4:42 pm)

We had a nice holiday weekend. It was great to have an extra day off, although I didn't really get much done. I helped my cow-orker Mont with his home renovation project, and he taught me how to tape drywall. He also ended up giving me a really nice Wagner power painter that needs some cleanup and possibly a new spray nozzle. It's about $500 new, it was very unexpected and cool of him to just give it to me. Apparently he'd been hanging on to it for years thinking he'd clean it up but he never did, and just used his new one he bought.

There are only a few days left before we leave on our vacation, and there's a lot to get done at work and at home before that time. As usual, I'll try to keep the blog updated, but I can't guarantee anything. I will try to post pictures as often as I can, hopefully on a daily basis.

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