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I'm currently building a new server for our colo facility to host streaming video. It's a nice machine, quad-core Xeon processor, 4Gb of RAM, 750Gb of RAID-1. When compiling PHP I kept running in to a problem with the gd library configuration. The shared object files are installed into /usr/lib64 (because it's a 64-bit operating system), but the header files are installed into /usr/include and are not being found.

If you tell the configure script to --enable-gd=/usr it balks about not finding the libgd.(a|so) file. If you rerun configure and use --enable-gd=/usr/lib64 it finds, but then doesn't pick up the header files.

Turns out the problem is pretty simple to solve: add --with-libdir=lib64 to the configure script and it will fix everything. It's just not obvious when reading the configure help, especially when you come from a primarily 32-bit background.

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