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Afternoon watch, 1 bell (12:52 pm)

It's amazing how many things are fixed by just rebooting them. In my line of work, I often get emergency calls about something-or-other not working right. Half of these problems are solved by my waiting about five minutes before following up on the problem—it just "went away."

Most of the rest of the problems I see are solved by reboot. Computers are fickle things, and hard to keep happy. Very few of the problems I fix day-to-day involve anything more complicated than hitting Start, Reboot. Last week I had a server stop responding to SMB requests (Windows shares). Since it runs Windows Storage Server 2003, I figured it just needed a reboot. Voila, two minutes later everything is peachy.

Last night I worked on a car navigation system that has bluetooth support for hands-free phone use (for my wife's cousin, Kyndall). She had a phone connected to it, replaced the phone with a new one, and now none of the bluetooth features were working. Removing the old phone profile didn't make any difference, but once the reset button was hit, the unit rebooted and everything worked great. Phone connected in a couple of seconds and calls were going through just fine.

So in the end, save your technical friends a lot of grief, and reboot the machine first. If you really want to be nice, take them off speed-dial, too. And buy them pizza.

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