Productive Saturday
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First watch, 2 bells (9:27 pm)

Today I both relaxed and got some work done. It felt really nice. I put our new address sign under our mailbox. I (finally) got around to stuffing the Christmas boxes lying about up- and downstairs to their proper storage place under the stairs.

Lorien bought an oval frame so we could hang the oil painting my mom gave me for my birthday while we were just down visiting her in Portland. The painting needed a 16x20 oval frame, which supposedly is a standard thing. Michaels had one for about $49—but the picture didn't fit inside it!

I ended up using my router (that I had somewhat recently acquired) for the first time to widen the back of the frame so the canvas would fit. You can see the end results here:

Mom\'s oval oil painting

I also played some Guitar Hero 3 and Zack & Wiki, too. Plus, I drank a bottle of Mexican Coca-Cola I got at Costco. They're currently stocking that cane-sugar-sweetened beverage for the first time up here that I know of.

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The Forbidden Kingdom
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Forenoon watch, 1 bell (8:55 am)

Last night I saw The Forbidden Kingdom.

It was awesome.

Ever since I saw my first Jet Li movie back in 1994, I've wanted to see him together with Jackie Chan. That's a long time to wait. That wait is now over.

The movie was good—more than your typical gungfu movie. It has a story that is more than just an excuse to move from fight to fight. But it is also full of a long of gungfu movie cliches.

Jet Li did an excellent job playing Sun Wu Kong (Sun Goku), the Monkey King. The fight scene between Jet Li and Jackie Chan was awesome.

All in all, if you like action movies, this is one of the best I've seen a long time ago. Don't miss it.

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