Bigger Hard Drive…not
Afternoon watch, 4 bells (2:27 pm)

Today I received a couple of 750 Gb hard drives for the office. Upon opening one of the drives, several surface-mount components proceeded to fall out of the bag. I examined the board on the off chance that they would have been "spares" that fell in the bag at the factory (yeah, it was real wishful thinking). Sure enough, the thing is toast. Fortunately, I have two, so I'm not set back too much.

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Forenoon watch, 8 bells (12:12 pm)

Well despite yesterday's long (6 hour) and later-than-average (left after 4pm) drive home, I felt good enough to come in to work today. I was certainly worn out from all the driving, but it was nice to be home. Our fish didn't die even though we forgot to ask someone to feed them, but we were only gone for two days.

I didn't get to see my brother Sam, he was down with some horrible sickness. I think it was a kindness that he didn't come over and transmit it to us.