Sleep Test Results
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Afternoon watch, 1 bell (12:50 pm)

Remember the sleep test I took last week? Well apparently I failed. I have severe sleep apnea. The four hours I got that night apparently were enough for them to diagnose me. I must now go and spend much hard-earned money on a CPAP device.

More Band Logos!
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Afternoon watch, 1 bell (12:43 pm)

If you were a long-time reader here, and I mean long time, you might remember a post about Band Logos I wrote about four years ago. Well, here's another one:

Skurvy band logo

I got an email from Johnny, who has a band called Skurvy, who ran across this blog because of the name similarity. Their music is not really my thing (them: jazz, me: Irish trad), but if you like jazz you may like them. It won't hurt you to check them out anyway.

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Happy Birthday, Jackie!
Forenoon watch, 5 bells (10:58 am)

Today is Jackie Chan's birthday!

By the way, I can't wait until the 18th, to see The Forbidden Kingdom!

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