Frosty Morning
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Afternoon watch, 7 bells (3:31 pm)

This morning was pretty cold and there was a lot of frost along with fog. I took this picture in my back yard.

Frosty Tree in my backyard

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New DSL Service
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Afternoon watch, 3 bells (1:46 pm)

I spoke to the people at Imbris, a local ISP, today and I'm finally getting a better deal for my Internet service. I end up paying about $30 less per month for the same service. I can get a big speed boost (probably, but I have to wait for the official word) for $10 less than I'm paying right now. That's my kind of deal!

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Stupid Frost
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Afternoon watch, 3 bells (1:43 pm)

The stupid frost on my wife's car broke my ice scraper this morning. I was scraping her car off, but for some reason this morning's frost was really stuck to everything, so I scraped harder—and my scraper of about 4 years snapped in half.

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Lunar Eclipse
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Forenoon watch, 2 bells (9:17 am)

If you're anywhere near where I am (Pacific NW, USA) tonight, don't miss tonight's total lunar eclipse!

I'll try to get better pictures than last time, since I have a new camera!

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Rocketship X-M
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Middle watch, 1 bell (12:31 am)

Well, since I finished the first season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, what else could I do but start the second season??

Season Two launches with a wonderfully terrible movie called Rocketship X-M, which stands for eXpedition Moon. Yeah, I wonder how they got that, too.

Anyway, it's about a government agency that invites the press to witness the launch of an exploratory spaceship to the moon in 1950. Once the press were informed what was going on, they proceeded to tell them that they couldn't report anything that wasn't covered in the "official press release" that they would get later. Sounds plausible to me, uh-huh.

Anyway, the astronauts board the rocket about 5 minutes before takeoff wearing mostly leather jackets. Blastoff is intense, but their acceleration cots are up to the task. Once in space, they drop the aft section (something the directors should have done with this movie) and fire the thrusters toward the moon. Only they don't go to the moon, see, they end up at Mars after blacking out for a few days. This is evidenced by the stubble of beard on one of the characters in the next scene.

Luckily, they still have plenty of fuel to land on Mars and for the return to Earth, so they decide to land and explore our little red neighbor. They discover the remains of an ancient civilization that destroyed itself through atomic war, the remnants of which are now living like cavemen. At one point, footprints are found, but the scientists state that they'd have to be Navajo to be able to track them (someone mentioned that yeah, they're only rocket scientists!). These hostile natives then proceed to throw rocks at the scientists, who have not the brains to get out of the way. Two scientists die and are left behind, while one is dragged wounded back to the rocket. They immediately leave Mars and head home.

When they get back to Earth, they belatedly realize that they don't have enough fuel to land, so they radio in to the ground team, tell them what they've discovered, then crash into Nova Scotia (farewell) at a gazillion miles per hour. Thank goodness nobody lives there. They even let the wounded dude die in his sleep since it meant their last few minutes (male and female scientist, of course) could be together without the awkward third wheel.

The ground team declares the mission a success and they decide to build X-M 2. Thankfully, the producers didn't. The movie starred Lloyd Bridges, of original Battlestar Galactica (he was Commander Cain) and many other cheesy sci-fi movies and tv shows.

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