The Black Scorpion
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Afternoon watch, 6 bells (3:29 pm)

And now, for the final review in the series (well, Season One anyway), it's time for The Black Scorpion. This movie was made in Mexico, and it shows.

A volcano erupts near Mexico City, and giant scorpions are coming out of the earth and ravaging the locals. They love to eat beef, too. Two geologists out to study the volcano find themselves helping officials fight the scorpion menace. They travel into the scorpion pit where they find other giant insects, but the scorpions kill them all (the insects, unfortunately, not the scientists). The scorpions turn on each other, and the scientists spot a weak point in their armor, on the neck. They devise an electric harpoon gun (seriously, I'm not making this up!) and try to kill the last surviving giant scorpion. The first shot misses, and the army guy pulls its line back, but is killed because they didn't turn off the electricity to the weapon first (duh). One of the scientists jumps in, fires the electric harpoon, and saves the day.

Absolutely terrible, just like I like them 🙂

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