Untamed Youth
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First dog watch, 3 bells (5:42 pm)

I watched the next movie in the series: Untamed Youth. It was terrible. Teens forced to work on a Potato and Cotton farm (where we never saw any potatoes, by the way) by a judge that'd been hornswaggled by a crooked farmer guy and forced to work for $0.75 per day. All they have left is their music, which is, of course, rock and roll. And jiggling. There was a lot of that going on. Although it did look like she had a couple of rocket nose-cones under her shirt. Creepy. Nobody's built like that. The best line in the whole movie was the crack about pampers right at the last song. I don't remember who said it, but it was priceless. Although she was the older sister, her younger sister had more sense but less endowment. She (the older sister) got into some trouble, but the younger sister's boyfriend helps her out and they go back to singing rock and roll and dancing and shaking some more.

I wouldn't watch this movie again any time soon, but only because I have a bunch more MST3K to go through first.

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Why Does My Brain Hurt?
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Afternoon watch, 5 bells (2:36 pm)

Oh, it's because of this. Warning: Pokemon content.

I dare anyone to try to make it to the end.

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Funniest Thing I Heard All Month
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Afternoon watch, 3 bells (1:44 pm)

Today I heard what I imagine will be the funniest thing I'll hear this month, at least.

I wish my lawn was emo, that way it would cut itself

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