Moon Zero Two
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First watch, 4 bells (10:23 pm)

I just finished watching Moon Zero Two, episode 11 from the first season of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Here goes the next review in the series.

This is the second movie from the first season that was in color. Moon Zero Two was about a washed-up lunar lander pilot who's had better days, and how he gets mixed in with a criminal element trying to crash a giant asteroid made of sapphire on the moon, which is, for some unspecified reason, illegal. It's also a story about a woman looking to find her brother who hasn't contacted her in a while. His mineral claim supposedly has some worthy minerals on it, but he's disappeared. It turns out that the criminals have killed her brother, who's claim happened to be the spot they chose for the crash-landing of the sapphire asteroid. Various cronies attempt to murder our hero and his probably-soon-to-be love interest, but they escape, the bad guys get to crash into the moon riding the asteroid down thanks to some quick thinking by our hero. The girl inherits the claim, with the crashed sapphire asteroid, and our hero says something about her looking better now that she's really rich.

The best part about this movie had to be the cartoon beginning. Well, either that, or their theme song. I still hear " two!" in my head.

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Robot Holocaust
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Last dog watch, 8 bells (8:22 pm)

Here we go again, another review from the first season of MST3K.

Once again, the film was preceded by another Commando Cody short. This one was short, too. In this episode, Cody and his sidekick repair their moon vehicle, throw grenades at the moon vehicle chasing them (thereby disabling it), and escape back to their rocketship. The end.

No seriously, that's about all that happened.

The feature this time was Robot Holocaust. It's a terrible 80s film about "The Dark One", an evil computer, that has taken over the world. Humans are mere slaves, and the air is poisoned (mostly). One swordsman and his goofy freebot sidekick embark on a quest to end the reign of the Dark One. A hot 80s chick with a weird accent is the Dark One's second in command (why do hot women always serve evil?). He also has a lobster-like robot captain that is pretty ruthless. They turn off the good air to the slaves a few times, try to stop the swordsman and his entourage from reaching the power station where they have a final battle. The hot chick gets her face burned by an exploding generator when the Dark One "no longer needs her" (didn't see that one coming, hehe), but she continues to serve to the end. Which did not come soon enough. The plot was terrible, and the only redeeming factor was that this is the first color movie that MST3K does in their first season.

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