The Corpse Vanishes
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Afternoon watch, 8 bells (4:04 pm)

Last night I also watched The Corpse Vanishes. Here comes yet another review in the series.

But first, another Commando Cody update. In this exciting episode (yeah, right) Commando Cody returns to Earth, but the Radar Men from the Moon radio their agents on Earth to not allow Commando Cody to land, because he knows their invasion plan. So the Earth-bound agent sends out his human lackeys (why are these guys working for the Radar Men anyway??) to blow up Commando Cody's rocket when he lands, before he can tell the authorities about the invasion coming from the moon. There's only one fistfight in this episode that I remember, but there is a nice long gunfight, and a car chase scene. Another bridge is blown up just as Commando Cody is driving across it—how will he ever survive? I guess I'll have to wait until the next episode to find out.

On to Bela Lugosi and The Corpse Vanishes. This movie was from 1942, before even my parents were born (they were both born in 1950). In this movie, brides are mysteriously dying at their wedding altar, and their corpses are being snatched away by unidentified people. It turns out that the Evil Scientist Dr. Lorenz created a new line of orchids that cause people that breathe their fragrance in to fall into a catatonic state that can be misdiagnosed as death. Dr. Lorenz then steals the bride's body, extracts something out of their heads with a big needle, then injects it into his ugly old wife to make her look beautiful again. A female reporter starts to figure this out and goes to question Dr. Lorenz and ends up staying the night at his home with his creepy staff creeping around—an old woman and her two sons, one hunchback and one midget.

The best line in the whole movie is when the midget takes her bags upstairs and Joel and the 'bots ask the question "Is it okay to tip him?", then reply "Only if you right him again." I laughed my butt off over that one.

All in all, it was definitely MST3K-worthy, it was a cheesy horror movie (did Bela Lugosi do any non-cheesy horrors??) and I'd recommend watching it, but only if you have the MST3K version.

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