She Wrote a Book Three??
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Morning watch, 8 bells (8:22 am)

I recently found out that Barbara Hambly wrote a third book in a series I first read probably 20 years ago that I never knew about. I thought there were only two Antryg Windrose books (The Silent Tower and The Silicon Mage), but it turns out that 15 years agio she wrote a third book entitled "Dog Wizard" and I just never knew about it. I finally got my hands on a copy and will probably be rereading the entire series. Just more for the pile…

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The Messiah Concert
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Morning watch, 8 bells (8:08 am)

Last night was the free public Messiah concert we've been practicing so long for. It went well, and I'm very glad to have my Thursday evenings back. It was a difficult piece to perform, but we did all right. Next year it will be easier, though. My biggest concern was we never rehearsed with the symphonette until the morning of the performance, which I was quite worried about, but it went okay. Mistakes were made all around, but hopefully the public didn't really notice but got the message we intended instead.