Cd’A Area Free Public Messiah Concert
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First watch, 4 bells (10:14 pm)

Next Saturday, November 24th, there is a free concert being held at NIC's Schuler Auditorium. There will be a symphonette and a choir performing Christmas selections from Handel's Messiah.

You can pick up your free tickets at area Super 1 Food stores, they should be at the Customer Service desk now. Get them while you can because they will go fast.

The concert is not recommended for people with young children that can't sit in one place for at least an hour. My wife and I are both in the core choir. There will be a short rehearsal earlier that day for members of the community that wish to "sing along" with us for certain pieces, but I don't have any information on that. Our first practice was held in June, so we've been working real hard on it. Please show up.

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Fully Not Automated
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First dog watch, 3 bells (5:45 pm)

I've been working on a project at work to process information imported into a SQL database through a front-end that isn't terribly configurable. So I have to glue all the data together in a long string, and then import it, then un-glue it and put each bit where it belongs.

I wrote a PHP script to do what I need. It works great, and has excellent error logging and runs fast. In fact, I was processing 2,000 records in about 8 seconds on the average. Today I processed somewhere around 70,000 records.

When I said it works great, I meant the program. The import, however, is subject to human error. As I was running this script, I'd run across records that were imported incorrectly, mislabeled, or otherwise generally borked. I had to fix those manually, there wasn't really any pattern to them.

I did, however, find another problem lurking in the database and wrote a small query to fix it. So while I trounced through the bowels of our SQL server and moved a bunch of stuff around, I did leave it in better condition than I found it…

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