The Beeps Drive Me Mad
Posted in Tech
First dog watch, 4 bells (6:19 pm)

A droning beep was coming from my server room for the last two days. It was driving me crazy, but I didn't have enough time to take care of it. One of my mirrored drive arrays degraded (probably due to a power outage that took the machine down uncleanly). Anyway, I knew what was wrong but I couldn't shut it up!

Well, I finally got to it, and it's being rebuilt now. The only problem is it stops anybody from working remotely since it handles the VPN connections to the office. Oh well, you can't win them all.

The funny thing is I've fixed this problem before (that's how I knew what the problem was), but forgot that I put tape over the speaker on the RAID controller to shut it up. It silenced it a lot, but you could still hear it in the bathrooms and the hallway through the closed door. I took the tape off and almost went crazy, then I proceeded to fix it.

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