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First watch, 4 bells (10:14 pm)

My wife and I are participating in a community choir singing Handel's Messiah for this Christmas season. We'd like to make it a yearly thing, and we're doing everything we can to keep it a free concert for the public. The concert will be held at NIC's auditorium the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Tonight was the third practice session. One of my cow orkers is also participating. I sing bass, my wife sings second soprano. I've never sung any "classical" choral pieces, but now I can totally see Handel's brilliance. People just don't write music like that anymore.

Singing isn't much of a big hobby for me, but I do it because my wife does. I do have a lot of musical background, having played several instruments before. Plus, learning to speak Mandarin Chinese well means you need a good ear, and that certainly helps in music, too.

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