Death On Heels
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First watch, 4 bells (10:00 pm)

Tomorrow is the big day—Ironman Coeur d'Alene. My in-laws have tons of guests at their B&B, and tonight was their carb feed. I saw the rest of the family (Mike and Arwen and their offspring) earlier today, and my father-in-law has reversed his earlier decision to not run Ironman and he'll be in it tomorrow. Since he hasn't trained much, we've tried to talk him out of it, all to no avail. About a year ago, when this crazy idea was first brought up, and someone said we'll station family all along the course to help cheer him on, I asked "where are we going to get that many boats?" (the swimming part is first). Everyone laughed about it, but now it may prove true.

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Late Night, Early Morning
Forenoon watch, 1 bell (8:39 am)

I got home last night after heading out to the Thackray household to fix their computer, it was a little after 11pm when I got home. I was still quite awake, though, so I just stayed up since it was nice and quiet with everyone else asleep (it's a nice time to get some reading done). Anyway, I ended up going to bed around 1:30am, which turned out to be a big mistake: Cami's kids got up around 7am, and me being the extremely light sleeper that I am got up right with them.

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