So Much For Painting
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Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:37 am)

Well, I was going to start painting last night. Instead, I ended up tearing out several square feet of drywall from my bathroom wall. I yanked out the tile backsplash around the jacuzzi tub, and as I was pulling the tiles off the wall (I just stuck them on with tile mastic), it started to make holes in places. It ended up being faster to bash the wall in and tear the tile out the messy way. I have plenty of drywall downstairs, I'm going to cut two pieces tonight and put them back over the holes, then mud and tape them.

Friday (or perhaps Saturday) we will paint and put up the new tile. So, once again, a small home improvement job turns out to be a bigger one. I never did like the tile backsplash anyway, the top row never sat right for me. I only put it in because the builder said it wouldn't pass code if there wasn't a backsplash there and I wouldn't be able to buy the home. Stupid code.

Originally, the plan was to tear out the top row of tile and replace it with chair moulding. Due to the damage the removal was causing I decided that it was best to tear all the tile out after all. What a hassle.

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