Super Computer
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First watch, 2 bells (9:04 pm)

Tonight I helped out my wife's uncle Scott build his new computer. It's pretty dang top of the line. He bought a huge aluminum case from CoolerMaster, a Tyan motherboard that supports two dual core Athlon 64 processors, each with their own 4 banks of RAM. He got 4 Gb of registered ECC DDR2/667 RAM (the fastest the board supports). The board has nVidia RAID and 6 SATA ports, 5 of which we installed 500Gb hard drives, one as the primary OS drive, and the other 4 in a RAID5 configuration (the nVidia RAID utility was really nice). The only thing I was surprised about was that the motherboard didn't have a parallel port, nor did it have onboard IEEE1394 (firewire) or sound. It did have dual gigabit ethernet jacks.

Things went together pretty well, and I cut myself on a sharp corner of the case, as usual. I don't believe I've worked on a computer until it has extracted some amount of my blood.

PS I forgot to mention he put in a GeForce 8800 video card with 768Mb RAM. Holy cow it must have cost him a fortune!

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