Best Onion Rings on the Planet
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Forenoon watch, 5 bells (10:54 am)

As loyal readers know, I just returned from a road trip to Portland OR to visit some family. Every time we drive through Hood River (where I grew up), I always seem to mention how I can't remember ever going to the Charburger restaurant off exit 62 on I84, right next to the Columbia Gorge Hotel. I thought it was odd to live in a small town for 10 years (1979 to 1989) and never visit such a restaurant. After talking to my mom, she says we have been there, I just don't remember. Seeing as how I was 6 years old in 1979, I suppose if we went early enough, I wouldn't remember, but I'm pretty sure we didn't go there any of my later years.

Anyway, the point is I have to make a recommendation—go there and get a basket of onion rings, even if you don't like onion rings, they are that good. I also had a great barbecue hamburger, the fries were nothing to write home about, but the onion rings were, hands down the best onion rings I've ever eaten in my life.

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