The Little Compressor That Couldn’t
Forenoon watch, 4 bells (10:25 am)

Last Friday night I went out looking for 1/2" crown staples to finish my ceiling framing project for the library. After going to Lowe's and Home Depot with no success, I began to be doubtful that I would find the right staples. Saturday morning I went to Coeur d'Alene Power Tool and they said that the type of staple I'm looking for might be found at some shop in Spokane. Apparently the pneumatic stapler I have (on loan) is old and staples aren't really made for it anymore. so I ended up buying a new stapler that uses 7/16" staples instead (which are apparently half the price of 1/2" staples despite their 1/16" difference in width).

Moving on with the story, I started my construction off with an attempt to shove a nail through my left hand's middle finger. I thought I had just hit it pretty hard with something, not realizing it was a nail, so as I was shaking it around trying to deal with the pain (and saying a few choice words—nobody else was around) I found that I was spraying blood all over everything, so I headed upstairs to bandage it. I washed it out, poured hydrogen peroxide in it, administered a dollop of neosporin and wrapped a band-aid around it. The band-aid wasn't staying on very good, so I wrapped that in masking tape. Now I was in business and could really start working.

I nailed up the first 2x2 down the library wall the long way, leveled it up and kept going. I nailed up more along the ceiling, then cut up OSB and stapled another 2x2 to the bottom of it. I then stapled the OSB+2x2 to the 2x2 mounted on the ceiling, then stapled another piece of OSB to the bottom of the wall-mounted 2x2 and the hanging 2x2. Voila, box one complete. It's about 8" tall by 16" wide by almost 19 feet. Then I had to do the other side.

After about 7 hours, the air compressor I had started working overtime just to keep up. I finally stopped working because I was afraid it would break or something. So I have the two short sides left to do, but they'll go quickly, both sides are less than 8' each, so I only have to nail up two pieces of 2x2 before I can build the boxes.

I expect MS will be collecting his tools today, so I won't have them anymore, but I can borrow my dad's compressor—it's a lot bigger anyway.

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Halloween Party
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Forenoon watch, 4 bells (10:11 am)

Last Saturday our church had a Halloween party slash chili cook-off. We attended to get a free meal and hand out candy to other people's kids. There were some great chilis, and some not-so-great. Some I firmly believe was store-bought and put into a pot. The best one was made by my neighbor, Bruce. It's a white chili unlike anything I've ever had but with the most amazing flavor. He said he'd email me the recipe and when he does, I'll post it here.

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