Saturday Construction
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Last dog watch, 8 bells (8:02 pm)

I spent many hours today cutting and nailing wood together. I've soffited the air duct that passes from the laundry room through the bathroom and half-way into the bedroom. I decided to put a shelf in where the soffit would continue, so it doesn't look too weird.

I also examined the area under my stair landing and found it eminently suitable for a secret storage room. It's about 95x65 inches, plenty of room for boxes, etc. It's not real tall, but I crawled in there just fine. I'm even thinking about installing a light and a power outlet. While showering after I called it a day, I realized how I could make it work as a secret door, even with a pull-the-book-to-unlatch the door mechanism.

It's gonna be sweet.

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