Anti-Piracy Merit Badge
Afternoon watch, 7 bells (3:39 pm)

I just can't believe this. Loyal readers know that I'm a volunteer Assistant Scoutmaster. I want to know when the Pro-Piracy Merit Badge comes out. In case anybody decides on one, here are my suggestions:

  1. Identify and explain the differences between different types of piracy (music, video, miscellaneous copyright violation, robbing on the high seas, etc).
  2. Explain how piracy has affected our modern culture (eg. Russian software pirates make lots of money)
  3. Practice piratical tendencies for one week. Keep a diary of what you've done. Post it on the internet and try to stop people from stealing it.
  4. Wear an eyepatch and say Yarrr and growl at people a lot.

It disturbs me that the MPAA would take the time to work with the BSA and develop such a curriculum. I guess they figure the best way to avoid future pirates is to nip them in the bud while they're young. Problem is, I bet half of the kids in my troop have pirated more music and movies than I ever have or even ever will.


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  1. Phil says:

    This is strange.

    You know, if I didn't download songs from MP3 blogs, I would never buy new music. Never!

    In my mind, there's a huge difference between someone giving away an entire CD and a blogger who posts a single song from a new CD. I've never downloaded entire albums for free, but I have literally thousands of individual songs that I got for free. The kicker is that several hundred of those I liked so much that I bought the rest of the CD from Amazon or iTunes.

    Movies, that's a whole different thing... I could see a blogger posting a short scene from a movie as a promotion for the film. Or the trailer, of course. No harm there.

  2. AnonymousCoward says:

    Number 3 was great! "try to stop people from stealing it." classic.

    My jaw dropped when I saw that news item.
    This is like giving a 20 year old sex-ed.
    Trust me, they know...more than the teacher most times.

    Ahh well, let-em cry and throw a fit about "piracy", until they stop trying to control things and start giving us what we really want (easy to get, cheap, and available music that we can use how we like) we will continue to see more and more of this sort of propaganda...err I mean education?.
    At least it was worth a laugh.

  3. lol: "try to stop people from stealing it". That was a killer one.

    And yeah, i hear you, NOTHING smacks me as being so incredibly orwellian as private industry
    creating 'curriculum' for schools, boyscouts, orphans, and the homeless... it irks me
    beyond belief.

    Though I agree with you, people just steal the crap out of stuff anymore. Stop the insanity, i want to get off... but thanks for the laughs.

  4. Sam Clement says:

    Checking with our council executive and the natinal council's website, this anit-piracy "merit badge" is not part of the BSA merit badge program. Evidently, it is an award developed by th elocal BSA council.

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