More Framing
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First watch, 4 bells (10:25 pm)

Well I got most of the framing done today. Just a few little parts left now, mainly the vent I have to soffit around and I'm leaning towards making a dropped (or coffered) ceiling in the library because they look cool.

After Mont left (he's been a great help) I finished framing the laundry room door (I had to build the header) and cut the footer out from all the doorways and closets we framed. We did a lot of work, but it went pretty well.

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Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:38 am)

Yay! I finally got my OpenID working! Now I can haunt Ben's LiveJournal with my pirate picture!

I use vIdentity, if anybody cares. It was easy to set up.

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A Little of the Blues
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Forenoon watch, 1 bell (8:51 am)

I dug up a CD I got from my brother Sam several years ago, called The Legendary Marvin Pontiac - Greatest Hits, it's some of the only blues I can listen to because it's just so…odd.

Just listen to I'm a Doggy and you'll understand.