Bad Wood
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First watch, 3 bells (9:36 pm)

I had to take 22 out of 60 2x4s (8 foot) back to Lowe's because they were so twisted they just weren't fit for framing a wall with. Fortunately, they have a decent return policy, although it certainly wasn't a very fast one. I also had three 2x4x10' (one treated) that had to be replaced as well. One of the guys at Lowe's looked at me and asked why I had to take them back. Duh.

Microsoft Vista, Re-Vista’d
Afternoon watch, 2 bells (1:20 pm)

Well I got my hands on Microsoft's Vista RC2 (the second one) today and installed it in VMware. It seemed to install a lot quicker this time.

It's amazing how much they throw in to UI "improvements" that people think they need to see. I laugh because their progress bars change as time goes on during an install so you know they aren't stalled. This comes from a long tradition of Windows not doing anything and people getting too used to it being so stinking slow, or just plain locked up.

And just a suggestion, but prompting about every program I launch isn't good security. Good security is not running things people don't know about in the first place. Unfortunately it's far too late for Microsoft to turn away from this dark path. People will just get used to clicking Okay on every dialog box that they are presented with. That's not secure.

So, just my $0.02, but if your OS doesn't hang up, you don't need multiple visual feedback widgets to show you a progress bar is still making progress. And if you never run programs from the body of an email (or a web page, etc) you wouldn't have to double-check with the user every time they launch an application.

Oh yeah, one more thing. WTF is up with Vista using nearly 7Gb of drive space??? I haven't even installed any applications yet!!! I can get a sweet Linux system running with tons of software in that kind of space.

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