Lowe’s Loves Me
Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:35 am)

Well the spree went pretty well. My in-laws showed up to "help" look at stuff, and pick out different fixtures. Or was it to help us spend money?

Anyway, we had a manager (Mike) help us with everything, he was very cool, and really took care of us. He followed us around with carts, loaded stuff on them, dropped them off and got new carts, and provided great information on a wide range of topics.

Let me see if I can estimate what we bought:
Bosch inline water heater (my favorite purchase, I must say)
Flow-through furnace mount whole-home humidifier (because I hate the dry winter static electricity)
70 various 2x4s (mostly 8 feet long, some 10 and 14)
60 sheets of drywall
250+ pounds of drywall mud
2 buckets of topping mud
750 feet of drywall tape
6 gallons of pvc paint primer
10 lbs drywall screws
Many tubes of construction adhesive and caulk
Cement nails and gun loads
Electrical stuff (single and double gang boxes, light boxes, switches plugs, GFCI plug, 250' 12/2 romex, etc)
5 light fixtures (1 bathroom light/fan combination)
2 ceiling fans
3 six-panel doors in casings
1 set glass panel French doors
Bifold doors for pantry and linen closet
Cedar closet lining for linen closet (mmmm, smells nice!)
90 feet of base moulding
90 square feet of wonderboard, thinset mortar, and grout
120 square feet of tile for the bathroom and shower
10 square feet of 4x4 slate tile for the pellet stove stand

I'm probably leaving some things out, but this is the gist of what we purchased. All in all, we spent just under $6k. And my builder wanted $12k to finish the downstairs for me...

PS I also special-ordered this really cool shower head, the Westbrass spider shower head!

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