Late Night, Early Morning
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Morning watch, 4 bells (6:17 am)

Last night's migration finished up a little later than we anticipated, I didn't leave until 10:30pm. We hit a few snags.

Like a 115Gb (yes,Gb) SQL Transaction log (wasn't my fault) taking up the entire drive. I distinctly remember suggesting to MS (who's last day was yesterday, which isn't related to this issue) that he back up a clean, empty copy of the database to work with, then next time he tests the migration, restore the clean copy. He decided to just do a DELETE FROM table instead. On all the tables. Then rerun his INSERT queries. Which worked, but left the mega-giga-sized transaction log file behind. It finally chewed up all the free drive space on the disk last night.

Later, we also found that the CRM v3 server (which runs in IIS, unfortunately) wasn't sending out email. MS and JM found out that it was the Virtual SMTP server on the IIS server, and the mail was being queued up, just not being sent out, but they couldn't get it to work. Me, I'm an Apache fan myself (you loyal readers know this), but while they were out on a smoke break, I dug in to IIS, opened the properties of the VSMTP server and set the smart host setting to our outgoing mail server. I ran an iisreset and everything was shiny.

Now I'm back in the office to smack down any problems that pop up. I'm sure that most people didn't take advantage of the last two days of open testing and will be scrambling to figure out the new interface now that they are required to use it. I think the Law of Procrastination was Newton's Law of Motion #4: A body at rest will stay that way until the software's upgraded and they have to learn the new interface.

PS: The JM I mentioned is JM#2, from Tech, not the JM in development that I've known and worked with for 10 years.

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